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October 2011 ISCDE (Batz-sur-mer)

International School on Complex Dynamics Engineering

Batz-sur-Mer, October 17-21, 2011

- Program

Complex dynamics has received considerable attention for years. The analysis of such dynamics were based on works by the french mathematician Henri Poincaré (1854-1912) who introduced the first techniques to investigate periodic as well as aperiodic solutions. Among complex dynamics, chaos has attracted much attention since 70’s. Unpredictable nature of chaotic phenomena, great sensitivity to initial conditions, strange attractors have been highlighted by Edward Lorenz in 1963 while simulating a simplified model of convection. Well-known qualitative methods for studying non linear behaviours and the notion of bifurcation in the phase plane have been largely inspired from the pioneering works of Andronov (first published in 1937). For years, chaotic phenomena has been mainly investigated in order to characterize and classify them. Since the 90’s, considerable developments have been carried out for control and observation of complex dynamics. A huge number of applications have been proposed over the fields of circuits and systems, physics, electronics, optoelectronics, biology, biomedecine, secure communications...

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The poster

The major goal of this School is to cover advanced topics on complex dynamics engineering. A particular emphasis will be put on interactions between physics and automatic control. The courses will be framed for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. An introductory course will be delivered the first day. It will be dedicated to prerequisites on models and relevant automatic control concepts. Then the general schedule will consist of lectures in morning sessions dedicated to a specific topic followed by plenary talks of guest speakers. Laboratories or applications-oriented mini talks will be proposed. The School will end up with emerging topics related to complex dynamics during the final morning session.

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The flyer

By the end of the school, participants will have acquired expertise on the (latest) methods and tools from both control theory and nonlinear dynamical systems theory to deal with complex dynamical systems (analysis and synthesis).

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The slides of most of the presentations are available on the abstract page.

Monday - Dynamical Systems
  • 15h30 : Tea Time
  • 16h00 : Laurent Laval (ENSEA, Cergy-Pontoise) Abstract
    Dynamical systems and chaos : Some theoretical preliminaries

Tuesday - Dynamical systems & Automatic
  • 10h30 : Coffee Break
  • 12h30 : Lunch
  • 14h30 : José Amigo (Miguel Hernández University, Spain) Abstract
    Entropy-like concepts and applications
  • 15h30 : Christian Mira Abstract
    Non invertible maps and chaos
  • 16h30 : Tea Time
  • 18h30 : Poster session around a diner buffet

Wednesday - Delay systems
  • 10h30 : Coffee Break
  • 12h30 : Lunch
  • 14h30 : Laurent Larger (FEMTO-ST, Besançon) Abstract
    Nonlinear delay electro-optic oscillator and high efficiency applications for three dynamical regimes : the rest state, the limit cycle, and chaos
  • 15h30 : Tea Time
Thursday - Hybrid systems & Synchronization
  • 10h30 : Coffee Break
  • 11h00 : Gilles Millerioux (ESSTIN - CRAN, Nancy) Abstract
    Synchronization : when control theory enters the scene of cryptography
  • 12h30 : Lunch
  • 15h15 : Bruno Robert (CresTic, Reims) Abstract
    Analysis of chaotic motion in a linear switched reluctance motor
  • 16h15 : Tea Time
  • 16h45 : lab with autonomous modules FPGA (Jérémy Parriaux)

Friday - Future trends
  • 9h : Mario Di Bernardo (University of Bristol, UK) Abstract
    Adaptive control, consensus and synchronization of piecewise-smooth systems and networks
  • 10h30 : Coffee Break

Participants were kindly encouraged to present a poster during the poster session scheduled on the second day. This provided an opportunity to browse at the beginning of the school the interests of each of us.

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The automn school (both lectures and accommodation) took place at
Club Belambra “Les Salines
37, rue du Croisic
44740 Batz-sur-Mer
Tél : +33(0)2 40 62 62 62

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- Financial supports : GdR DYCOEC, ENSEA, CNRS

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