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4th IEEE International Conference on Nonlinear Science and Complexity

NSC 2012

August 6-11, 2012

- Scope
This conference provides a place to exchange recent developments, discoveries and progresses on Nonlinear Science and Complexity. The aims of the conference are to present the fundamental and frontier theories and techniques for modern science and technology, and to stimulate more research interest for exploration of nonlinear science and complexity. The conference will focus on fundamental theories and principles, analytical and symbolic approaches, computational techniques in nonlinear physical science and nonlinear mathematics.

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Symposium on

Nonlinear Dynamics, from toy models to complex systems

The symposium is supposed to cover a broad scope of problems in physics of Nonlinear Dynamics. The areas of interest include but are not limited to : pattern formation, singularities, localized structures, anomalous transport, Hamiltonian chaos... from toy models to complex systems with applications ranging from fluid mechanics, plasma to biophysics, genetic and social networks... Theoretical, numerical, and experimental papers are welcome.

The authors are encouraged to present a paper for publication in the edited books or conference Proceedings. The high quality papers will be selected for publication in Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, and An Interdisciplinary Journal of Discontinuity, Nonlinearity and Complexity. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Please transmit papers to the following organizers or submit it through the conference website

- Symposium Organizers :

- Other symposium

  • Symposium on Modelling nonlinear phenomena in Engineering
  • Symposium on Discontinuous Dynamical Systems and Synchronization
  • Symposium on Industrial Engineering
  • Symposium on Fractional Calculus Applications
  • Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics of Systems with Infinite Dimension
  • Symposium on Rare Regular and Chaotic Attractors in Nonlinear Science and Applications (RA)
  • Complex Network : Structure, Dynamics, Synchronization and Control

- Authors’ Schedule

  • Full paper submisssion : June 15, 2012
  • Notification deadline : June 30, 2012
  • Final paper submission : July 10, 2012

- Contact Information
Anikó Szakál
Óbuda University

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