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Bio-Dynamics-Day 2013

A one-day (free) workshop on Math-Neuroscience

Mathematics with Applications to Neuroscience
LMAH - Université du Havre, France
Thursday May 16, 2013

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- Description
The Lab of Mathematics of Le Havre university (LMAH) investigates complex systems as a unifying theme, in particular dynamical systems and applications to the living systems, (brain dynamics, ecosystems, ...). It organizes this year a workshop on Mathematics with Applications to Neuroscience. Main topics of interests are Dynamical Systems, PDE, ODE, SDE, ...) as well as

  • neuroscience (multidisciplinary approach, mainly theoretical, but also experimental),
  • brain dynamics and mathematical modeling,
  • brain network dynamics and complex systems.

- Program

  • 09h00 : Welcome, Coffee & posters
  • 10h10-10h55 : Jean-Pierre FRANCOISE (Laboratoire J.-L. Lions, UMR 7598 CNRS, Paris-6)
    Dip and Buffering in a fast-slow system associated to Brain Lactate Kinetics
  • 10h55-11h40 Viktor JIRSA (Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes, Aix-Marseille)
    Invariances and bifurcations of epileptic seizures
  • 11h40-12h25 Mario CHAVEZ (CNRS-UMR 7225, Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord, Paris)
    Simple introduction to complex brain networks
  • 12h25-14h15 lunch
  • 14h15-15h00 Jacques DEMONGEOT (AGIM CNRS/UJF 3405, Univ. J. Fourier Grenoble I, France)
    Robustness in Neural and Genetic Regulatory Networks : Mathematical Approach and Biological Applications
  • 15h00-15h45 Nikola POPOVIC (School of Math. & Maxwell Institute, Univ. Edinburgh, UK)
    Three Time-Scales in an Extended Bonhoeffer-van der Pol Oscillator
  • 15h45-16h05 Coffee break & posters
  • 16h50 End of the day.

You are cordially invited to participate in this one-day workshop, scheduled on 16th May, 2013, (09h45 - 17h15). The workshop is FREE, (Entrée libre, pas de frais d’inscription).

- Location
University of Le Havre, UFR-ST, LMAH (Applied Math Lab.)
25 Rue Philippe Lebon, Le Havre, France.
The university is located 5 minutes walk from the train station.

- Organizers

  • Ambrosio Benjamin, LMAH
  • Aziz-Alaoui M.A., LMAH
  • Corson Nathalie, LMAH
  • Krupa Martin, INRIA
  • Lanza Valentina, LMAH
  • Verdiere Nathalie, LMAH

- Contact

- Accomodation
If you wish, we can book a hotel room for you, contact us by email : Aziz Alaoui or Claire Roussin.

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