Ultrafast fiber lasers

Our research activities on ultrafast laser sources, fiber optics and nonlinear dynamics.

Our latest research on ultrafast lasers

We currently focus on the development of ...



UBRIS2 aims at developing innovative ways towards the realization of high-power ultrafast laser systems at the exotic wavelength of 2 µm. The project gathers researchers and engineers from XLIM, CORIA, PHLAM/IRCICA and LPN with proven expertise in design and fabrication of rare-earth-doped and dispersion-tailored optical fibers (XLIM and PHLAM/IRCICA), semi-conductor saturable absorber mirrors (SESAMs at LPN) and femtosecond oscillators and amplifiers (CORIA, XLIM). Furthermore, the company NOVAE is in charge of the development of two products based on the project’s findings.


The PICOLIBS project (Labex EMC3 - Energy Materials & Clean Combustion Center) aims at demonstrating the advantage of using picosecond light pulses in LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) experiments in order to characterize energy materials.

ANR Jeune Chercheur RIFT

The RIFT project aims at developing a DFT-based (Dispersive Fourier Transform) ultrafast all-optical imaging system dedicated to high-speed liquid jets and sprays. It will be the first time to the best of our knowledge that such an ultrafast imaging system with MHz frame rates would be used in the field of combustion and sprays. DFT-based measurement would then allow to monitor previously inaccessible physical parameters involved in fuel atomization, which is the key factor for efficient combustion.


This project focuses on the development of innovative mid-infrared ultrafast lasers, knowing the strong potential of this wavelength range. FAST-MIR (High performance Thulium and Holmium doped crystals for mid-IR ultrafast lasers) gathers researchers and engineers from two laboratory in Normandy, CORIA and CIMAP, which respectively specialize in laser sources development and laser materials fabrication.

CPER : Région Haute-Normandie

Bio-Engine project
In the frame of the Bio-Engine CPER global project, our aim is to develop ultrafast diagnostic systems dedicated to high-speed liquid jets monitoring, along with the RIFT project.

iMUST project
This project is led in collaboration with the GPM laboratory and aims at extending the spectral range of ultrafast lasers towards the IR in order to develop an ultrafast spectroscopy setup based on low-energy photons (from IR to THz). This setup will be used to study nanomaterials and components for ultrafast electronics.


Researchers : Dr. Ammar Hideur, Dr. Thomas Godin

Post-doctoral fellows : Dr. Adil Haboucha, Dr. Aleksey Tyazhev

PhD students : Hongjie Wang, Mincheng Tang, Pierre-Henry Hanzard, Rezki Becheker

JPEG - 5.4 Mo
From left to right : H. Wang, M. Tang, A. Haboucha, T. Godin, A. Hideur, P.H. Hanzard, A. Tyazhev, R. Becheker

In the lab !

Photos of various experiments in the lab.

2 µm fs fiber laser :

JPEG - 2.7 Mo

Homemade picosecond laser used in the GPM laboratory :

PNG - 318.2 ko
ps laser for APT

Femtosecond laser for imaging :

JPEG - 364.3 ko
Stretcher and compressor

Custom ps fiber laser used to characterize diesel injection :

JPEG - 2.2 Mo
ps system


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Our research activities on ultrafast laser sources, fiber optics and nonlinear dynamics.
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