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LBV2015 : On the importance of the accuracy measurement of Laminar Burning Velocity

and its implication for kinetic chemistry validation and turbulent combustion simulation

Du 23 au 24 mars 2015

Salle de Conférences du CORIA

The limitations and intricacies of the various experimental approaches to provide LBV (Laminar Burning Velocity) data for many fuels, thermodynamical conditions, and mixtures have been recently assessed with rigor, for many geometrical configurations : Bunsen flames, stagnation flames, spherically expanding flames, heat flux method. In spite of this, there is still an issue on LBV values that appear in the literature at a great rate and frequently without rigorous evaluations by reviewers and editors. And this may have implications for the development of kinetic models.
In 2012, a first LBV (Laminar Burning Velocity) meeting was organized in Rouen. Among all the scientific questions raised in the discussions, some points stayed open. Taking the scientific advances in the last three years into account, the organizing committee is pleased to offer the possibility to discuss anew during the next LBV2015. A two day conference is organized for scientists and engineers involved in the field to exchange, discuss and present outstanding results. The objectives of the conference remain threefold : LBV_2015_web01

  • How adequately experimentalists interpret the direct measurements using the underlying physics of particular configuration ? Which numbers are published ? Are they comparable ? Is there any physical meaning to compare them ?
  • What would be the efficient way to validate kinetic schemes from experiments ? How do stretch, radiation, and other losses affect the comparison between numerical data from kinetics and the ones from measurements ?
  • Which burning velocity and Markstein lengths can be used in turbulent combustion modelling and explosion ? How stretch effects are accounted for in turbulent combustion simulations ? How accuracy of transport / thermodynamic data may influence on LBV simulation ?


LBV 2015
CORIA - UMR 6614
CNRS - INSA & Universite de Rouen
Campus du Madrillet - BP 12
76801 Saint Etienne du Rouvray, Cedex France

Phone : +33 (0) 2 32 95 36 29 / Fax : +33 (0) 232.910.485

Email :


Bruno Renou, CORIA, Rouen
Fabien Halter, ICARE, Orléans
Emilien Varea, CORIA, Rouen

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