Le 27/09/2017

Laurent Gicquel, Gabriel Staffelbach

CERFACS proposes the following methodology : (1) LES of multiphase flow single sectors for FTF/FDF evaluations : issues pertaining to the fundamental liquid phase modelling and effects of poly-dispersity are indeed to be investigated on the basis of existing turbulent combustion models that can cope with partially-premixed flames ; (2) FTF/FDF and flame interactions : in multi-injection systems, flame elements can locally be supposed isolated while other parts are the results of neighbouring flame interactions. Constructing FTF/FDF based on a single injector domain postulating it is representative of all possible engine configurations may be questionable ; (3) Acoustic evaluation of the full annular burner stability : having assessed the determination of FTF/FDF on basic flame configurations, acoustic solvers developed at CERFACS will be applied to gauge the overall numerical strategy by determining its capacity in predicting the MICCASpray annular chamber stability as well as the establishment of the observed limit-cycle.

PNG - 199.1 ko
Tools developed at CERFACS
for combustion instabilities :
- low-order models (ATACAMAC),
- Helmholtz simulations (AVSP) and
- LES (AVP).

The potential to bring new results in that domain is great since no lab-scale experiments of two-phase flow combustion with multiple injectors disturbed by longitudinal and transverse waves can be found in the literature, whereas it is an important situation found in practical applications. In this respect, simulations devoted to such configurations remain rare. There are yet no comparisons between simulations and experiments on FTF/FDF of flames fed by liquid fuels, no systematic analysis of effects of flame interactions between neighbouring injectors and no attempt was made as yet to compare simulations of azimuthally coupled modes with experiments in an annular systems. These ultimate comparisons are essential to validate numerical strategies for combustion instability predictions in aeronautical engines. Thus, this project will constitute a major advance for fundamental knowledge as well as for methodologies for industrial applications.

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