Le 28/09/2017

Françoise Baillot, Jean-Bernard Blaisot, Eric Domingues, Marcos Caceres, Gilles Godard

The response of a linear array of injectors to axial and transverse forcing will be examined at CORIA on TACC-Spray bench equipped with one to three injectors. Effects of neighbouring flame interactions will be examined by modifying the distance between injectors (the spacing ratio). The response of the two-phase flow and flame to transverse forcing will be examined from a pressure to a velocity antinode via an intensity antinode where the acoustic flux gradient is maximum. The gas flow dynamics will be examined to highlight the possible excitation of convective modes and global modes of the swirling jet and flames, and reveal the main hydrodynamic/acoustic processes taking place. Particular attention will focus on the liquid flow dynamics by following liquid elements. The relevance of FTF and FDF will be studied for neighbouring flame interactions with axial and transverse forcing in the two-phase flow configuration. For that purpose, measurements of velocity by hot wire in the gas jet injection system, of acoustic pressure in the chamber and in the plenum, of excited radicals as CH* and OH* and visualizations by fast camera and by pulsed source will be possibly completed by advanced laser diagnostics (PIV for the gaseous jet, PDA for the liquid phase, LIF-OH). These data will be used by CERFACS for the corresponding simulations of the forced TACC-Spray chamber. The mechanisms identified and FTF/FDF measured in the TACC-Spray chamber will be compared to the results in the single EM2C burner and to the observations and measurements made in the MICCA-Spray chamber to interpret the self-excited instabilities of that chamber.

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Figure 1 : (a) Acoustic transverse wave and atomization interaction visualization. (b-d) sub-harmonic flame response to a transverse forcing f0 : jet and flame (b) at a pressure antinode (null pressure gradient) and (d) at an intensity antinode (maximum acoustic flux gradient) ; (c) PSD of CH* emission (linked to the heat release rate).

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