AnnuLar combustIon ChambEr (ALICE)


Le 03/07/2014

Bruno Renou  •  ico

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Context and objectives

The objective of ALICE (AnnuLar combustIon ChambEr) is to develop an atmospheric test rig in order to evaluate performances of aeronautical combustion chamber.
The setup allows reproducing operating conditions encountered in Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and observed during ignition phase of helicopter engine at ground level.

Experimental setup

The test rig is equipped in order to :

  • study the different step of ignition process (energy deposition, light around and flame stabilization),
  • define stability diagram of combustion chamber,
  • deeply understand mechanism leading to flame blow off,
  • study the influence of the geometry of the combustion chamber.

Thanks to an additional unit (diffuser) characterized by Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV), the inlet conditions in the chamber are well known and similar whatever the firebox study.

Operating conditions

Numerous sensors (piézorésistif sensor, thermocouple comb) enable to characterize pressure and temperature conditions inside and at the exit of the combustion chamber.
The operating conditions of the test rig are perfectly controlled and temporally reproducible thanks to graphic interface. The inlet conditions are the following :

  • air mass flow between 0 and 300g/s,
  • air temperature between 20 et 200°C,
  • fuel flow between 0 et 12l/h.


The different step of ignition (light around and flame stabilization) as well as blow off can be studied by high speed flame imaging without any modification of the combustion chamber.


JPEG - 12.8 ko
Test rig


JPEG - 9.5 ko
Control station


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Combustion chamber
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