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LBV 2012 - New perspectives for Laminar Burning Velocity

Du 21 au 22 mai 2012

Salle de Conférence - CORIA

With the emergence of new fuels — pure fuels or blends — and the increasing need for an accurate prediction of pollutant emissions from combustion systems, knowledge of detailed chemical kinetics is crucial for the future. Kinetic combustion validation implies the creation of experimental databases for laminar burning velocity that can then be included in CFD codes (e.g. tabulated chemistry). The large variety of experimental devices used to measure laminar burning velocity and the future development for numerical simulations to take into account the effects of stretching or heat losses illustrate the potential and the current importance of this research field.

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In this context, a workshop entitled " New perspectives for laminar burning velocity " will be held at the CORIA laboratory, Rouen (France). Scientists and engineers working in the field of combustion and kinetics are invited to participate to this workshop. The program will consist in invited keynote lectures and scientific discussions, which will be encouraged by poster presentations during coffee breaks.


LBV 2012
CORIA - UMR 6614
CNRS - INSA & Universite de Rouen
Campus du Madrillet - BP 12
76801 Saint Etienne du Rouvray, Cedex France

Phone : +33 (0) 2 32 95 36 29 / Fax : +33 (0) 232.910.485

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Bruno Renou, CORIA, Rouen
Fabien Halter, Prisme, Orléans

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