Fang Ren

Professeur - Université de Rouen

Professor in physics
full name : Kuan Fang REN

Research fields :

  • Light scattering of shaped beams by particles
  • Ray theory of waves
  • Optical metrology of particles
  • Theoretical prediction of radiation pressure and torques
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see Journal papers and Conferences for more details on publications.

Ray theory of waves :

K. F. Ren and C. Rozé, “Vectorial Complex Ray Model for light scattering of nonspherical particles”, Chapter 7 in Advances in Optics : Reviews’, Book Series, Vol. 1, IFSA Publishing, S.L, 2018

K. F. Ren*, F. Onofri, C. Rozé and T. Girasole, "Vectorial complex ray model and application to two-dimensional scattering of plane wave by a spheroidal particle", Opt. Lett. 36(3) : 370-372, 2011

K. F. Ren*, C. Rozé and T. Girasole, "Scattering and transversal divergence of an ellipsoidal particle by using Vectorial Complex Ray Model", J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 113:2419–2423, 2012

K. Jiang, X. Han, K. F. Ren*, "Scattering of a Gaussian beam by an elliptical cylinder using the vectorial complex ray model", J. Opt. Soc. Am. A. 30(8):1548-1556, 2013

M. Yang, Y. Wu, X. Sheng and K. F. Ren*, "Comparison of scattering diagrams of large non-spherical particles calculated by VCRM and MLFMA", J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 162:143-153, 2015

F. Onofri*, K. F. Ren, M. Sentis, Q. Gaubert, and C. Pelcé, "Experimental validation of the vectorial complex ray model on the inter-caustics scattering of oblate droplets", Opt. Express 23(12), 15768-15773, 2015

K. F. Ren, "Vectorial Complex Ray Model for interaction of light with arbitrarily shaped smooth surface", icPOE2016-Int. Conf. Photonics & Opt. Eng., Oct. 14-17 2016, Xi’an China, plenary lecture

Radiation pressure force and torque :

K. F. Ren, G. Grehan and G. Gouesbet, "Radiation pressure forces exerted on a particle arbitrarily located in a Gaussian beam by using the generalized Lorenz-Mie theory, and associated resonance effects, Opt. Commun., 108, pp. 343-354, 1994

K. F. Ren, G. Grehan and G. Gouesbet, "Prediction of reverse radiation pressure by generalized Lorenz-Mie theory, Appl. Opt., 35(15), pp. 2702-2710, 1996

F. Xu, K. F. Ren, G. Gouesbet, X. Cai and G. Grehan, "Theoretical prediction of radiation pressure force exerted on a spheroid by an arbitrarily shaped beam", Physical Review E, 75, 026613,2007

M. Yang, K. F. Ren*, Y. Wu and X. Sheng, "Computation of stress on the surface of a soft homogeneous arbitrarily shaped particle", Phys. Rev. E 89, 043310, 2014

M. Yang, Y. Wu, K. F. Ren, X. Sheng*, "Computation of radiation pressure force exerted on arbitrary shaped homogeneous particles by high-order Bessel vortex beams using MLFMA", Opt. Exp. 27979-27992, 2016

Light scattering of shaped Beam :

K. F. Ren, G. Grehan and G. Gouesbet, "Scattering of a Gaussian beam by an infinite cylinder in GLMT-framework, formulation and numerical results, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 14(11), pp. 3014-3025, 1997

K. F. Ren, G. Gouesbet and G. Grehan, "The integral localized approximation in generalized Lorenz-Mie theory, Appl. Opt., 37(19), pp.4218-4225, 1998

R. Li, X. Han and K. F. Ren*, "Generalized Debye series expansion of electromagnetic plane wave scattering by an infinite multilayered cylinder at oblique incidence", Physical Review E 79, 036602, 2009

K. F. Ren* "Numerical techniques for shaped beam scattering by large and absorbing particle using variable separation methods" , 10th Intern. Conf. on Laser-light and Interactions with Particles (LIP 2014), Marseille (France), Aug. 25-29th, 2014 Keynote

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