Full name : TRANSversal Actions for Tritium

Project Reference :  Horizon 2020 – Euratom fission

Period : du 01/09/2017 au 31/08/2021

Funder : European Union through the Euratom program

Project coordinator : CEA

Project manager for CORIA : University of Rouen Normandie

Scientific officer for CORIA : A. BULTEL

CORIA Budget / Total Budget : 97.8 k€ / 3.9 M€

Scientific summary of the project :

TRANSAT (TRANSversal Actions for Tritium) is a 4 years multidisciplinary project built to contribute to Research and Innovation on “cross-cutting activities" needed to “improve knowledge on tritium management in fission and fusion facilities".

It proposes actions answering the main following challenges addressed by the call: i) tritium release mitigation strategies, ii) waste management improvement, iii) refinement of the knowledge in the field of radiotoxicity, radiobiology, and dosimetry.
To evaluate the scientific tasks to be covered by TRANSAT, all the open issues of the tritium cycle that are not yet tackled by European research activities or former studies have been determined. Then, this general picture has been constrained to crosscutting fusion and fission activities. Concerning release mechanism, tritium migration/permeation in massive samples are studied in dedicated rigs. Associated modelling takes place in the project in order to improve the level of confidence in predictive tools developed for tritium behavior in reactors. A special insight is also put in the release of tritium from tritiated particles coming from dismantling activities. Permeation barriers (active barriers and coating concepts) as well as treatment of the operational tritiated gases are assessed and their applicability to fusion and fission purposes is analyzed. Improvement in waste management is also covered by means of new concept studies for tritiated waste confining packages and by new accurate methodologies for tritium inventory assessment in metallic and soft house-keeping waste. Finally, a dedicated part of the project focuses on radiotoxicity, radioecology, radiobiology and dosimetry on tritiated particles produced during dismantling whose impacts have
not yet been addressed. 18 partners are participating in TRANSAT from all the European countries involved in tritium activities.