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The research activities of the “Reactive Flow” Department are focused on reactive flows (combustion and plasmas) with the objective of advancing fundamental knowledge in these disciplines in direct connection with the applications from the processing industries, energy production and aeronautical, aerospace or land propulsion. While the issues addressed are diverse, they always present a multi-physical and multi-scale character. This requires the  implementation and development of new laser metrology techniques and high-performance numerical simulation means to understand the spatio-temporal and multi-physical complexity of reactive flows.

More specifically, the activities of DER are currently divided into the following themes:

  • Ignition systems
  • Flame stabilization
  • Two-phase combustion
  • Supercritical combustion
  • Flame / wall interactions
  • Soot formation
  • Planetary atmospheric reentry plasmas
  • Laser induced plasmas

In parallel to these research themes, the department develops numerical tools and optical metrologies:

  • Development of laser metrologies for the characterization of reactive flows
  • Development of numerical methods for high performance computing






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Articles in 2019


  • Grand Prize of the Academy of Sciences – “ONERA Prize – Mechanical Sciences for Aeronautics and Aerospace", awarded to Vincent Moureau, 2015
  • Grand Prix Jaffé of the Academy of Sciences awarded to Luc Vervisch, 2015
  • Digital Simulation Collaboration Award at TERATEC forum for the project AMDECC, awarded to Vincent Moureau, R. Mercier (SAFRAN TECH) and C. Dobrzynski (INRIA / IMB), 2018
  • Pépites RTI 2017. Prize for the PERCEVAL project led by F. Grisch, awarded by Normandie Aerospace, Ariane Group and Innovation Review, 2017

Focus on some activities:

CORIA Rouen Sray Burner (CRSB)

Jet Spray Flame

High fidelity Large Eddy Simulation

HERON Facility: High pressure test rig for aeronautical fuel injector characterization

Ethylene/air sooting flames.



Department Publications