CORIA has shared services for researchers, Ph D. and post-doctoral students. A mission, a task to design, advices… they are here to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and in compliance with health and safety rules.

Information Systems

This service manages the laboratory’s computer networks and servers. It takes care of the installation of new machines and manages several servers for storage and intensive calculations. Many hosted services are offered to all staff (mail, gitlab, stock management …). It has skills in numerical computation and can thus assist researchers doing numerical simulations or experimenters for the processing of results. Working closely with metrology, it can also intervene directly on certain experimental installations.

Responsable : Cédric Chambrelan

Métrology and Instrumentation Division

The Metrology and Instrumentation division was created in 2009. It now combines the skills of ten agents in five specialties:

– Laser Optics
– Two-phase & high pressure platform
– Fluid platforms and combustion
– Software integration and development
– Electronics

It manages and relies on the (RENADIAG) platform which brings together all the experimental resources available at CORIA.

Its main purpose is to successfully deploy specific metrological techniques, which are essential for experimental studies carried out by researchers.
Within this framework, the Metrology and Instrumentation Pole conducts and proposes :

– Expertise of needs and constraints
– Advice and participation in the drafting of project specifications
– Plan the equipment supply
– Specific devices eventual design
– The techniques implementation
– The experimenters training
– Supervision of experimentals set up
– Advice on the data collected processing .

The Metrology and Instrumentation division monitors, develops and participates in the development of metrological techniques. It helps to rationalize the means, to develop and maintain, at a level of excellence, the experimental resources made available to researchers by the laboratory.

Responsable : Gilles Godard

Infrastructure, Logistics ans Security

The infrastructure, logistics and security department is responsible for the technical management of the building. It is made up of four agents with multidisciplinary skills.

They accept the control and maintenance of equipment, the monitoring of maintenance contracts and the implementation of new work within the laboratory.

They work with the other research support teams in order to advise and ensure the safety of facilities and people.

Responsable : Alexandre Robcis

Design office and Mechanical Manufacturing

The Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Department is responsible for the design, dimensioning and production of the laboratory’s experimental facilities. It is made up of 7 people spread between the design office and manufacturing. It is equipped with CAD, computing and modelling software as well as numerically controlled machines (wood, metals and plastics) enabling the design and production of exceptional equipment for experiments (combustion chamber, high pressure chamber, etc.).

Responsable : Benjamen Quevreux

Resources and Administration

The Administration and Resources department ensures the administrative and financial management of the laboratory.

Its work revolves around several missions:

  • The reception of the external public and new entrants
  • Recruitment and support of temporary staff (PhD students, post-docs, contract employees) and permanent staff.
  • Assistance in mounting and monitoring research projects in coordination with the services of the supervising establishments (CNRS, University of Rouen Normandie, INSA of Rouen Normandie)
  • The application of procedures and management rules of the supervising establishments
  • Setting up and monitoring the laboratory’s shared resources

As an interface between the CORIA teams and the supervising establishments, the service team answers all administrative questions and supports the Laboratory’s projects.

Responsables : Nina Luz Da Silva