Department description

Missions of the department :

  • Characterize, predict and control complex flows (turbulent, compressible, heterogeneous, multiphase, with phase-change) and other dynamical systems (e.g. biomedical applications)
  • Develop theoretical, experimental, numerical and modelization tools.
  • Address new societal issues (renewable marine energy, coastal flows, phase-change material, tumor dynamics)
  • Strenghten the research training (University, INSA, doctoral programs)

Current researches in the TASC department cover:

  • ‘Real’ turbulent flows :
    • at finite Reynolds number, variable viscosity/density,
    • for very and very high temperature,
    • in presence of interfaces, coherent structures, droplets or particles,
    • with or without chimical reactions.
  • Interaction of compressible flows with solid boundaries :
    • with jet detachment in supersonic nozzles, & low frequency oscillations.
    • for adiabatic and isothermal supersonic boundary layers
  • Liquid/gas flows:
    • supercritical, visco-elastic, ferro-magnetic
    • with phase-change,
    • in presence of acoustic or magnetic fields,
    • large-scales
  • Dynamical systems:
    • with coupled dynamics (networks)
    • requiring a theory to estimate their observability
    • in connection with biomedical applications (tumoral development)






PhD students




Articles published in 2019


  • Big Blue Week: 336 million CPU hours on the Jülich supercomputer
  • Young researcher award (Zebiri Boubakr) 32nd international shock wave conference, July 2019, Singapour.
  • Young CFD Investigator award (Anirudh Asuri Mukundan) 10th international CFD conference, ICCFD10, Barcelone, Spain, 2018.
  • ITN Marie Curie HAoS project, coordinated by the City University of London with substantial participation of the CORIA (3 ESR over 14)
  • European H2020 clear sky project: CHAIRLIFT
  • 5 month invited researcher (J.-C. Brändle de Motta), Pr. Lian-Ping Wang, China
  • Creation of the Foam-U association. 1 conference per year since 2016 (Rouen, Nevers, Valenciennes et Lyon in 2020)
  • Validation of a monitoring protocol for lung cancer patients based on weekly self-assessement symptoms.

Focus on some activities:

Department projects


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