Department description

Objectives of the Optics & Lasers department:

  • Fundamental research in Optics, especially towards the development of laser sources and light-matter interactions, with the general purpose of developing optical diagnostics.
  • Transfer of our concepts to other departments of the laboratory for applications to the metrology of reactive and non-reactive flows, but also to other national and international laboratories.
  • Collaboration with several industries.
  • Strong commitment in training (teaching, head of Master, head of engineer school, doctoral school…)

In particular, the Optics & Lasers department covers the following research fields:

  • Theoretical optics (historical field)
  • Ultrafast laser sources (bulk and fiber sources, near and mid- R, parametric oscillators)
  • Digital holography : theory and applications (speed measurements, particles tracking)
  • Interferometric imaging of particules (index measurement, droplets evaporation rate…)
  • Soot nanoparticles diagnotics (light-aggregate interaction models, metrology, health impact…)
  • Rainbow refractometry (icing, liquid combustion, CO2 capture by droplets…)
  • Complex vectorial ray tracing models (liquid system imaging and interference calculation)
  • Real-time metrology and ultrafast dynamics (nonlinear dynamics, high-speed imaging)

permanent researchers


PhD students




articles published in 2019


  • THz pulses in a tomographic atom probe (TAP) : more details here (Science Advances).
  • First demonstration of a fiber optical parametric chirped pulse oscillator : more details here
  • H. C. Van de Hulst – Elsevier 2020 price for Gérard Gouesbet
  • Patent on an original  double pulse laser system dedicated to LIBS and extension to the USA
  • Creation of the startup Rainbow Vision, by S. Saengkaew with the support of G. Gréhan, and dedicated to commercializing of droplet metrology system
  • Demonstration of a flexible and user-friendly ultrafast imaging system
  • First demonstration of the tracking at high rep rates of supersonic shockwaves using time-stretch imaging
  • José Morán received by the ASFERA the prize Jean Bricard 2021 for its PhD work on aerosols physics.
  • Jérôme Yon received the 2021 Journal of Aerosol Science Excellence in Research Award.

Focus on some of our activities:

Department projects


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