The CORIA laboratory hosts about 15 new PhD students from the Rouen Normandy University and the INSA every year. The PhD diploma are delivered by the PSIME doctoral school.

In the CORIA laboratory, PhD students benefit from an optimal infrastructure for carrying their work to success (shared ressources for metrology, scientific computing, administrative assistance, workshop).

A2Doc: PhD students association

The association aims to facilitate exchanges between PhD students, Post-docs and researchers of CORIA. All year long different scientific events are organized: from seminars to internal external broadcasted conferences.
One of the goals of the A2Doc is to fill with life the day-to-day at the laboratory with cultural and sportive events: afterworks, laser tag, karting, wakeboard, convivial meals and summer barbecue.
The final objective is to mantain and enlarge the alumni network.


CORIA is also the place of university training preparing for the pursuit of a doctoral thesis. Under the supervision of the University and INSA Rouen Normandie, the students of the EFEMO master’s degree prepare for obtaining an M2 level diploma in the field of energy, fluid mechanics, combustion, laser diagnostics and optical metrology. Students choose their course from two options:

aims to train specialists in the fields of optics to ecourage:

  • a rapid integration into the industrial sector,
  • to prepare a doctoral thesis in a research laboratory.

Depending on the student’s vocations, an internship in a company or in a laboratory will allow the graduate to orient either towards industry or towards research professions via a doctoral thesis. At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Develop applications in optical metrology,
  • Design optical laboratory or industrial devices,
  • Apply the theories of electromagnetism to the study of lasers,
  • Master the computer language applied to image processing and digital simulation,
  • Insert yourself into a team of engineers and / or researchers,
  • Conduct a science project in English and French

prepares students for a scientific career in the field of Energy, Fluid Flows and the Environment. The skills acquired are based on the CORIA laboratory at the University of Rouen, INSA Rouen and CNRS. CORIA is a major player at national and international level. The level of excellence of the courses provided is guaranteed by teachers with extensive experience in applied and fundamental research, mainly in connection with industry. State-of-the-art experimental, theoretical and digital simulation technologies are taught by specialists, guaranteeing students real know-how recognized internationally. The students, resulting from a scientific training, having or not a professional experience, will be able at the end of the master directly to integrate research and development teams in the industry or to develop their competences until the last advancement of scientific research by obtaining a Doctorate in Sciences. The scientific departments carrying this EFE course within the Energy master are:

  • ER, Reactive flows : combustion, pollution control, heat transfer, plasma, radiation (automotive and aeronautical engines, industrial burners, Plasma, particles and emissions, etc.).
  • TASC, Turbulence Atomization Spray and Chaos : turbulent flows and applications (Aerospace, Wind turbine, Reactor, Mass and heat transfer, dispersion of pollutants, Supersonic flow and applications …), Multiphase flow (Injection, Liquid gas mixture, Spray, Mist, Industrial two-phase flows.