First demonstration of a fiber optical parametric chirped-pulse oscillator (FOPCPO)

Since 2017, the CORIA laboratory experimentally (but also numerically) develops fiber optical parametric oscillators for several applications, mainly regarding energy scaling and tunability in wavelengths windows where no efficient laser source is available.

  • 2020: first demonstration of a FOPCPO (pumping with highly-chirped pulses) : more details here.
  • 2018: FOPO pumped by dissipative solitons (homemade source) and emitting at 1.7 µm : more details here.

Ultrafast dynamics of an optical parametric oscillator

In parallel, we study the ultra-fast dynamics of our parametric oscillators in the spectral domain using the dispersive Fourier transform (DFT) technique. By recording large ensembles of optical spectra from shot-to-shot pulses, we are able to use original combinations of statistical tools (including mutual information analysis) to study different phenomena: booting dynamics, spectral correlations or stability.

We have shown in a complete study that wavelength correlations can be shaped and controlled to a certain extent, which could find many applications in the field of quantum information.